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We provide competent, unbiased and ethical appraisals for the following;

* Pre Auction Inspections  * Financial Institutions * Insurance  replacement cost or risk management * Equipment sales or purchases * Financial Reporting * Asset-Based Loans and Procurement of Financing * Divorce and Estate Settlements * Global Valuation and Inspection Services * Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions * One Piece or an Entire Fleet *

It takes years of experience in the heavy equipment industry to build the knowledge it takes to support a heavy equipment appraisal or inspection. There are many variables that change the value of equipment and can be easily overlooked. With over 35 years of experience as a certified technician and certified appraiser I will get you a number you can bank on!
I know the smart business people of the world are always looking for that edge and I'm very confident that I can help provide it. Nothing takes the place of experience and heavy equipment appraisals are no exception. Don't pay too much for used equipment and get the value in your fleet that you deserve.

                            Thank you, 

                           Glen Nasworthy




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